Terms & Conditions of Hire

1. All carriers are hired subject to availability and suitability
2. The term carrier is used to describe all slings and carriers on the CarryMoor inventory.
3. The hirer is the person hiring the carrier.
4. The standard hire period is two weeks, this may be extended subject to the demand of that individual carrier.
5. All hire fees are payable at the point of hire or renewal of hire by cash, debit or credit card.
6. The current hire fee structure is
£6 for two weeks
£12 for a month
7. All carriers are checked before hiring to ensure that they are in good safe condition, any marks will be pointed out to the hirer. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check the carrier before each use, if any damage is discovered please contact the library immediately and stop using the carrier.
Each case of loss or damage will be assessed on a case by case basis, however CarryMoor reserves the right to bill for the RRP (recommended retail price) if the hired carrier cannot be returned to an acceptable hireable condition. Loss is defined by the hired carrier no longer being in the possession of the hirer at the time of return, whether it has been lost or stolen, it will be defined as lost and the hirer will be billed for the RRP of the carrier. Damage is if the carrier is returned in a condition that isn't considered as wear and tear, rips and tears to the carrier, broken buckles, stains that don't wash out are damage, posset and food marks are expected and are considered as day to day wear and tear. Wherever possible CarryMoor will seek to have the damaged carrier repaired, the cost of this will be passed to the hirer, if the carrier can't be returned to an acceptable hireable condition then the RRP of the carrier will be billed for.
CarryMoor will send out a reminder detailing when the hire period is coming to an end, and when and where the carrier can be returned, in many cases it will be possible to renew the hire period. If returning the carrier please do so in a timely manner to the stated drop-in session in the reminder. If the drop-in is missed the hirer will be contacted and the option to renew the hire to the next drop-in will be offered, if this isn't accepted then late fees of £1 per day will be accrued. It is the hirers responsibility to return the carrier with all its accessories and instructions, if taken, CarryMoor at this time does not operate a collection service. Once the carrier has been received, it will be checked over and returned to inventory, if late any outstanding monies will then be billed for. Failure to return or replace a carrier will be treated as theft. Any missing items will be billed for at cost of replacement, this includes hoods, chest straps, accessory straps, stirrups, bags, suckpads, bibs and instructions, this list is not exhaustive, any item taken with the carrier at time of hire and not returned will be billed for.
If the stated drop-in for return is not convenient, please make contact with CarryMoor, postal return is possible, returning to an alternative drop-in can be arranged, or returning to the home address of CarryMoor can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.
Under no circumstances is it permitted to smoke when using or holding the carrier. Please inform the library if you do smoke. Any carrier returned smelling of smoke will have to go through a specialist cleaning procedure, the cost of which will be billed for.
It is not necessary to launder the carrier, however if the carrier is especially soiled then a wash is appreciated, a delicate cycle on a cool temperature (30) is recommended using detergent but NO SOFTENER. Any individual marks can be cleaned with a damp cloth with no chemical. Please contact the library if clarification is required.
Please keep the carrier away from anything that could permanently damage the carrier, such as scissors, Velcro, keys in your bag, and anything that could permanently stain the carrier like paint, oil or pens. Only use the carrier in its intended use, to carry babies and children, following the instructions, the majority of carriers will come with manufacturers instructions and you will have the option to take them with you.
13. All carriers and their accessories and instructions remain the property of CarryMoor at all times.
14. OUTSTANDING MONIES CarryMoor will make good effort to recover all outstanding monies, settlement requests will come in the form of text messages, emails, letters and if required the Small Claims will be involved, please note that the latter may have a negative effect on your credit rating.
15. By hiring a carrier you are accepting these terms and conditions.

8th April 2017