Library Policies

The library policies have been written using my knowledge and training in using baby carriers and slings.

1. CarryMoor will not hire a sling to a parent or caregiver that is believed to be dangerous in any way, this includes counterfeit carriers, carriers showing damage that affects the structure of the carrier, or any carrier that has been recalled in any country.

2. CarryMoor will only advise using a carrier in accordance with the Manufacturers instructions.

3. When visiting a library drop-in session, you are responsible for your children and possessions at all times, CarryMoor cannot be held responsible for any damage that could occur to your belongings or vehicles. You park your car at your own risk.

4. I am a trained babywearing consultant, and I will only give advice on such. Please don't ask for infant health or breastfeeding advice, I am not trained in these areas, however I can refer you to trained support should you wish.

5. CarryMoor currently doesn't offer a collection service, therefore it is your responsibility to return your hired carrier to a slingmeet or drop-in session.

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