Here you will find the instructions to the carrier that you have hired. Everything is listed in alphabetical order, however if you struggle to find the relevant ones please get in touch, and I will help you.

Action Baby Carrier - standard and toddler size

Baby Bjorn Original

Baby Bjorn One

Babylonia Flexia

Beco 8

Beco Gemini - Cool and standard model

Beco Soleil page 1
Beco Soleil page 2

Beco Toddler - front carry
Beco Toddler - back carry

Boba 4G

Boba Air

Boba Wrap

Bondolino - front carrying
Bondolino - back carrying

Close Caboo - Organic, Cotton Blend, Lite/NCT and DX Go

Close Caboo DX Go

Connecta - Standard, Solar, Tweed and Toddler

​ErgoBaby - Original, 360, 360 Omni, Organic and Adapt

Evolubulle Tie on Carrier

​Fidella Fly Tai - adjusting and smaller baby
Older baby in a Fidella Fly Tai
Hip Carry in a Fidella Fly Tai
Back Carry in a Fidella Fly Tai

Frauline Husbch Half Buckle

HanaBaby Wrap

Hop Tye
​Unfortunately currently unavailable, the library has paper instructions, please email if you require these.

Integra Baby Carrier

Isara Carrier


​Je Porte Mon Bebe Physio Carrier

Je Porte Mon Bebe Basic Wrap

Lillebaby - All Seasons, Complete and Essentials

Manduca Carrier

MiniMonkey Twin Carrier

Mysol Tie on Carrier

​Napsack Meh Dai/tie on carrier

Ring Sling

Rose and Rebellion

Sleepy Nico

Soul Carrier and Meh Dai/Tie on Carrier
​I'm sorry, these aren't available online, the library does have paper instructions though, please email if you would like these.

​Storchenwiege Baby Carrier

Tula - instructional video



Woven Wraps
​Wrap You in Love and Slingababy are two fantastic resources for learning to use a woven wrap, whether you are just at the start of your journey or are wanting to add more to your already blossoming skill.
​Wrap You in Love