Types of Carriers and Slings

Here you will find a brief description of each type of carrier and sling, this list is not exhaustive, but the main categories are covered with the carriers that CarryMoor has in its stock. If you are looking for a particular carrier and you can't see it, please do get in touch and I will try to get hold of a sample for you.

Soft Structured Carriers - Including Buckle Carriers

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) are the most conventional looking carriers of all.
They fasten around the waist using either a buckle or velcro fastening, there will also be a rectangle section that will hold your baby securely against your body and straps to attach the carrier to you. They are mostly easy to use and will distribute the weight of your baby evenly, they can be worn on the front, back and some on the hip too.
SSC's can be suitable from birth using an infant insert right into the toddler and pre-schooler years.

Soft Structured Carriers that are available to hire:

Beco Soleil with Newborn Insert
Beco Gemini
Manduca Baby Carrier
Tula - Standard size
Tula - Toddler size
ABC - Baby size
Sleepy Nico

Rose and Rebellion - baby size
Connecta Integra Standard Size
Solarweave Connecta Standard Size
Boba 4G
Wompat - baby size
ABC - Toddler size
Sleepy Nico

Mei Tai Carriers and Hybrids

Mei Tai carriers have been in use for thousands of years and yet are similar to the Soft Structured Carrier.
They will feature four straps that come off a rectangle piece of fabric, two of the straps tie round the waist and two over the shoulders, they are very adjustable and adaptable meaning you can use them on your front, back and hip, some can be used from birth and many are suitable right through to pre-school age.

Hybrid carriers are just that, they are a hybrid of a Mei Tai and a SSC, meaning that they will feature a buckle fastening and a tie fastening on them in some form.

Mai Tai's that are available to hire:

Hybrid Carriers that are available to hire:

Hop Tye
Girasol Mysol
Fidella Fly Tai

Storchenwiege Baby Carrier
Hoppediz Bondolino

Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are by far the most versatile and comfortable carrier on the market.  You are able to carry a newborn baby right through to whenever you choose to stop, on the front, hip and back. They come in all sorts of colours, fibres and patterns, and they are beautiful items that have a thriving preloved market. They do however, have the steepest learning curve of all, but lots of help is available, be it online via forums and social media groups, or in a consultation. Using a woven wrap does require lots of practice, but it is worth it. Woven wraps are by far my personal favourite.

Woven wraps come in different sizes and each have their uses, below is a brief description of each size and the carries that are possible with each size.
This is not exhaustive and is simply a guide.

Size 2 - 2.7m
Cradle Carry
Hip Carry

Size 3 - 3.2m
Cradle Carry
Robins Hip Carry
Back Carry

Size 4 - 3.6m
Back Carry
 Robins Hip Carry
Kangaroo Carry
Short Front Cross Carry

Size 5 - 4.2m
Back Carry
Robins Hip Carry
Kangaroo Carry
Short Front Cross Carry

Size 6 - 4.6m
Double Hammock
Front Wrap Cross Carry

Stretchy Wraps and Other Newborn Slings and Carriers

Stretchy wraps are an ideal choice for the newborn days, they're soft and supportive allowing baby to stay close to you while it adjusts to the outside world. From my own personal experience I recommend them right from birth up to around six months, when you will probably be ready to move onto something a little more supportive. Stretchy wraps and the like are great for pre-tying so baby can be simply popped in and out, be it in the car park or out and about somewhere. They are a great tool and with some face to face support a new parent has often got the hang of it once tied three or four times.
Stretchy wraps are recommended for front carries only.

Stretchy Wraps that are available to hire:

Other Newborn Carriers that are available to hire:

Hana Baby
Boba Wrap
Je Porte Mon Bebe Basic Wrap​

Close Caboo
Close Caboo NCT

Ring Slings

A one shoulder carrying option that are adjustable, ring slings are ideal for carrying babies and toddlers on the front or hip.
They comprise of a long piece of fabric with two rings sewn into one end, the fabric is then threaded through to make an adjustable pouch in which baby or child sits, fine adjustments are made by pulling the fabric through the rings to custom fit it to you and your child.
Ring slings are beautiful pieces and lend themselves well to special occasions.
Rings slings come with different shoulder options and CarryMoor offers each shoulder type, gathered and pleated, each suit different people for different reasons.

Rings Slings that are available to hire:

Girasol - Forest Berries - Gathered shoulder
Natibaby - Lahti - Pleated shoulder

Natibaby - Manhattan - Gathered shoulder
Oscha - Japanese Knot Chiisai Jol - Gathered Shoulder​